One of the things we hear over and over from our agents is, "I wish I would have joined Benchmark Realty sooner." The truth is, some of these agents were hesitant to make a move because of some misinformation in the marketplace. We thought we would let some of our agents do the talking and set the record straight on a few of the common misconceptions in the marketplace in a new blog series we are calling: 


Common misconceptions about Benchmark Realty.


Benchmark Agent, Michelle Moore takes on this myth in the video below.

No professional agents at Benchmark? Now that's really funny. We've got a lot of top producers at Benchmark that have come from good companies that have said, "You know what? This just makes good sound business sense for me to move my business to this company." And they have stayed. They haven't gone back. I think that says volumes about Benchmark. I can tell you that I can go up against any name brand company. I've done it numerous times. I've gone in for listing presentations and had them say, "Why should we list with you and this company that I've never heard of? But I've heard of this other company and we've interviewed an agent from that company. They say I need the business. I need that company." And I've said, "We are self employed, why do you need another company? Have you met the owner? Have you met the staff? Do you know who's running the branch? " Client: "Well, no." I said, "That's because you are doing business with the AGENT and they are affiliated with the company. What's the company going to do? So is the owner of the branch or the company going to come and put the sign in your yard? Client: "No." And every time I have gotten the listing. I've never not gotten the listing. And so I'm with Benchmark Realty doing that. It hasn't hurt me any. 

Michelle Moore- Benchmark Agent

Professional Agents?

Has this misconception about Benchmark Realty been holding you back? We are team of successful real estate professionals with high ethical standards. Don't regret waiting years to make the smartest financial decision of your career. We are ready to answer any questions you have right now.

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