Hello guys! I wanted to reach out this morning with a message to say "thank you". It has been an awesome 2015! I want to express my appreciation to everyone who helped Benchmark grow into who we are today and say we are looking forward to an awesome 2016. I especially want to reach out to those agents who have helped the community. This year we sponsored the Franklin Firefighters Toy and Clothing Drive and we gave a bunch of toys to a bunch of kids. That's who we are here at Benchmark. Rather than throwing a bunch of parties for ourselves, we actually want to help others. So, thank YOU  for that! And from the people who helped with the Franklin Firefighters to the people who helped with other community issues and the people who helped in their own individual churches, it's all very important and it builds a greater community. That's who we are at Benchmark. Thank YOU for that. I'm looking forward to an awesome 2016!

Phillip Cantrell Ceo/Founder