It’s been a great year for Benchmark—two of our Realtors® were elected to positions with the Williamson County Association of Realtors®, and we couldn’t be more proud.

More than 2,000 members came together to elect Julia Wood to the WCAR Board of Directors and Lisa Wurth to the prestigious office of president.

Lisa Wurth- WCAR President

Lisa Wurth- WCAR President

Lisa Wurth, WCAR President 

Serving as WCAR’s president comes with a lot of responsibility—but Lisa Wurth isn’t one to shy away from that.

“The association president is responsible for determining the annual goals for the association, for presiding over board meetings and membership meetings. I will also serve as the spokesperson for the association, along with the association’s executive director,” says Wurth. “In addition, I will be responsible for supervising the business of the association.”

Wurth has several goals she hopes to achieve, and she’ll do that through carefully implemented strategies.

“Elevating the professionalism within our industry is something I'm extremely passionate about,” says Wurth.

She also hopes to help Realtors continue developing as professionals through WCAR’s educational programs.

“During my tenure on the board we've striven to become a destination for education for the Realtor community and we've grown that program as an association. I plan to continue to build on that program,” says Wurth, “and to engage more members to become involved with the association in order to develop relationships within the industry, and to sharpen their skills for strengthening their businesses.”

The market is strong right now, so many Realtors can’t seem to justify the time they’d have to spend to become more involved with WCAR—but that’s something Wurth wants to encourage.

“It’s very important that we communicate the value that becoming involved brings to Realtors’ businesses,” Wurth says.

There’s always room for bright, motivated leaders within WCAR, Wurth says, and she encourages people to participate as much as possible.

“I would suggest anyone who's interesting in serving on the board or moving into an officer role to get involved in the association through committees first. Volunteer on a few different committees for a few years and apply for a leadership training program through the association. Get to know other people who have served in years past and pick their brains to find out more about how the association works and what's involved in serving,” advises Wurth.

She continues to grow and learn as a Realtor, and she does it however she can. Wurth places a high value on networking, saying, “I learn as much from my peers as I do in the classroom. When you have a slow period use that time to sharpen the tools in your toolbox.”

“Learn as much as you can so you know what you're committing to—and so you can be as well prepared as possible to be the most effective leader possible,” she says. “I encourage everyone to get involved on some level with their association. The knowledge you’ll gain is enormous, but the relationships with other professionals within our industry is priceless, both personally and professionally. Every transaction I've done with another leader in our association has been such a good experience!”

Thanks for all your hard work, Lisa—after seeing your commitment and dedication first-hand at Benchmark Realty, we’re really looking forward to watching you share your excellent leadership skills with the Williamson County Association of Realtors.

Congratulations, Madam President!