Nashville has several fantastic suburbs. From Franklin to Hendersonville and everything in between, there are dozens of amazing communities that people are excited to move to – and smart Realtors® know they have to be flexible and willing to go the extra mile (or ten, sometimes) in order to build their businesses.

But when does your focus area become too big? Should you zero in on a handful of communities and give them your full attention, or should you be willing to cross over into unfamiliar territory?Define your Real Estate Territory- Benchmark Realty

Defining Your Real Estate Territory

When you first started out in the real estate game, you might’ve had high ambition. “I’m going to drive anywhere my clients want to make sure I can get them into the perfect home.” While it’s fantastic to provide the best possible customer service, spreading yourself too thin won’t accomplish your goals.

Most experts suggest finding your “home” community – the one where you feel most comfortable and the one you know the most about – and branching out from there. The nature of some of the smaller Nashville-area towns means that you may need to cover several towns in one or two counties. Every town and county has its own distinct feel, and getting to the ins and outs of each is the best way to give your clients the level of service that they deserve.

Branching into Different Areas

Once you have your “home” community down-pat, you can grow your business by serving other communities. If you’re not comfortable covering a huge geographic territory… don’t. There’s nothing in the real estate rulebook that says you have to, especially when it takes time away from your other clients.

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