Common misconceptions about Benchmark Realty. 

Continuing with our blog series of common misconceptions in the market regarding Benchmark Realty, we bring you our next market myth:


Is Phillip a tyrant? Difficult to work with?

Let's hear what a couple of our agents have to say about it. 

Watch the video below.​

He is intentional about his success. He is a planner. He is very calculated. He is a high C personality type. I believe he is one of the best business men I have ever worked with and have associated myself with. It's the processes. It's the way he runs what he runs. Look at the no turnover in the staff. We've got four staff members in the Cool Springs office that have been there for years. They know their stuff inside and out, more than happy to help you, they go above and beyond. He gets the right people on the bus and gets them in the right seats and the company grows. 

Michelle Moore, Agent

Work for a Leader- An Innovator

Cutting edge technology, streamlined processes, regulatory compliance, integrity- Things that are important to us at Benchmark. And, all of our agents keep 100% of their commission. If these things are important to you, we would love to talk to you about joining our team. 

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