Is Customer Service Dead?

Customer service. You know what it is, and you certainly know when you don’t get it – but what do your clients think about yours?Is Customer Service Dead- Benchmark Realty

The “Customer Service is Dead” Myth

Anyone who’s been to a shopping mall or has called a help line recently can tell you that customer service isn’t what it used to be. Annoyed associates in a rush to get things done and overwhelmed representatives who let their frustrations seep into their service transactions give customer service a bad name.

But that’s good for you – their competitor!

Customer service isn’t dead, but it is growing increasingly rare. That means when you deliver your clients’ expectations, you’re already a step ahead; when you take things a step farther and provide a shining example of customer service, you’ll stand out as someone people want to work with in the future… and they’ll refer their friends.

The Customer Service Pyramid

Customer service isn’t complicated. Think of it like a pyramid. The foundation is your willingness to meet your clients’ needs, and the next level is making sure all of those needs are covered. From there, go the extra mile:

  • If your clients expect a daily email of updated listings, personalize it. “Hi, Steve. I think you might really be interested in the home at 314 Jackson Highway. Let me know what you think – I’ll talk to you soon!”
  • Watch for patterns with your clients. If a couple finds fault with every house you show them and claim it’s because it’s too “small,” they may really mean they’re thinking about growing their family or they like more open floor plans. You may be able to make them happier by listening to what they’re not saying.
  • People are hooked on technology, and the way you communicate with them should reflect that. However, sending a personal and hand-written note is always a nice touch – and it helps you stand out from the hundreds of other Realtors® vying for their business.

Customer service isn’t dead. Not for you, anyway. And that alone can make you the most sought-after agent in town. For more information on taking the next step in surrounding yourself with business excellence by joining with Benchmark Realty please fill out the form below.

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