What are the best resources for keeping up with real estate news?

Who is your role model?

We recently interviewed Benchmark Realty CEO, Phillip Cantrell on these topics and we've got his answers below. Watch the video to see how he answered these questions and to gain some insight into our fearless leader and how he thinks. 

Who do you recommend for agents to follow as a great source in Real Estate? 

There's a bunch. There are a lot of great business owners who have gone before me and built magnificent companies. But, as an information source, I primarily rely on Inman Select News. It is a subscription service but they are right on the cutting edge of news happenings and technology concerning the real estate industry. I highly recommend that.

Phillip Cantrell

Who is your role model? 

That's an interesting question. Don't laugh. George Patton. General, George Patton. A famous World War II General who basically kicks butt. He was a ferocious general, a strategic thinker, and he led from the front. That's kind of what we try to do at Benchmark. 

Phillip Cantrell

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