In today’s digital world, social media is a go-to channel for many people looking to buy a new home. And with the right photography and a targeted advertising buy, you can reach those people where they’re most comfortable to help you attract new buyers and grow your real estate business.

Facebook is a great primary hub to share about homes going on the market. You can use it to link to photos on your Instagram, to share Pinterest boards showcasing a home, or to post a video or animated slideshow (all of which we’ll go into a little more detail about down below).

Not only should you share new homes you’re putting on the market, but you should also consider creating a business page on Facebook for your real estate persona. This will allow you to spend advertising dollars on the platform to help you reach people in your area who don’t currently follow your page.

With Facebook advertising, you can build an audience within your target city or cities, add household income information based on your selling cost, then simply use that audience when creating an ad. The best part? You can advertise on both Facebook and Instagram from one place.

Instagram is a highly visual platform, which makes it a great environment to share those beautiful photos of your client’s staged home. But sharing images on your Instagram is only enough to get them noticed by your current followers. That’s where hashtags come in.

For each photo you post, be sure to include several hashtags at the end that can help those searching for homes find your photos. Here are a few examples that you can tailor to your specific market and neighborhood:

You’ll also want to take some time to grow your audience on Instagram. Check hashtags like the ones above to see whose posting on them and follow those people. There’s a good chance they’ll follow you back, helping you create a community for your Instagram profile.

While finding buyers specific to your market on Pinterest may be difficult, Pinterest itself gives you a great tool to showcase visuals for a home you’re trying to sell. Consider creating a new board for each home. This will give you a central place you can link to when sharing about the home on Facebook.

For your boards, upload a new pin for each photograph and be sure to include the city or neighborhood of the home and the type of room itself when writing the pin description. This will give you a better chance of appearing in search results on this channel.

If you don’t have a video for a home you’re showing, you may want to consider making one. Even an animated slideshow of your best photos will work. Thanks to recent changes at Facebook, video posts tend to reach more followers than static photos. So, you’ll want to be sure to upload your videos directly to your Facebook page.

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