It happens to the best of us. Someone who’s interested in viewing several homes with you calls, seems very excited, sets up an appointment to meet you… and then never shows up. While it’s really disappointing—and frustrating, particularly if you’ve put other things on hold to work with them—you can still salvage your day and turn no-shows into an advantage.

There are some great tips on handling a no-show realty appointment.

When Your Client Goes AWOL

Before you get upset, pick up the phone. Give your clients the benefit of the doubt. If they don’t pick up, leave a polite message.

“Hi, Jim. This is Mary. I’m waiting at the house in Cool Springs and I just wanted to check in to make sure you’re okay. I can stick around for a few more minutes, so give me a call back if you can make it. Thanks!”

That’s it. Clear, concise and polite.

Wait a few minutes; if your client doesn’t call back, you’ve just earned some free time that you can focus on growing your business.

Where to Direct Your Attention

If you have put other business on hold to show homes to your “no-show” client, by all means, get back to what you were doing. Otherwise, you can head home to spend time with your family, work on your marketing strategy or start calling FSBOs to let them know you’re available to help.

If Your “No-Show” Calls Back After You’re Gone

When your “no-show” calls back, your first reaction might be to send the call to voicemail—but hopefully your common sense takes over in time. Your client might have a perfectly reasonable explanation; even if he or she doesn’t, a true mark of professionalism is to take the problem in stride and keep moving forward.

Let your client know that you appreciate the returned call and find out when you can reschedule. While it might sting a little, you’ll still know that you’ve maintained the highest level of professionalism and you’re giving your best. (If the client becomes a repeat offender, talk to your broker or see if the topic can be covered at a Mastermind Meeting!)