For many agents, it just doesn’t make sense to hold an open house during the winter months.

Who’s going to come out in the cold to traipse through someone’s home?

While we all know that winter buyers can buy just as well as spring and summer buyers can, many of us overlook the fact that if someone’s in the market for a new house, they’ll come to an open house if it’s attractive enough.

The problem?

Making an open house attractive enough when the temperatures in the 40s.

How to Make Your Cold-Weather Open House More Attractive 

How to promote your open house in the winter

It all starts with a blog post that’s heavy on images, oozing with descriptive words, and a little sprinkle of promotion across your social networks.

Putting Together a Blog Post to Advertise an Open House 

When you’re putting together an open house blog post, start with listing photos. If you’ve done a 3D video or a virtual tour, add that too—and the more, the better.

You can even add a touch of search engine optimization by naming your photos appropriately before you upload them to your website (think “Open House at 123 Any Street in Nashville – Saturday, January 15”). Caption the photos with the same name you used as the file.

Descriptive Wording Captures Buyers’ Imaginations 

Using words that evoke positive emotions can go a long way when they’re used in tandem with great photos.

Try words like:

· Amazing

· Unbelievable

· Gorgeous

· Spectacular

· Breathtaking

· Enthralling

· Beautiful

· Exceptional

· Tremendous

· Immaculate

· Spacious

· Awe-inspiring

Taking Social Media By Storm With Your Open House Info 

The pictures, once again, do all the heavy lifting when you’re getting the word out on social media. When you put the link to your blog post about the open house on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media site, make sure you’ve chosen the best possible image to accompany it.


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