As Nashville continues to grow, the city is increasingly becoming a hot spot for tourists, helping boost the economy and hospitality industries, including the rise of more Airbnb’s in Nashville and surrounding areas. There’s been some backlash from residents against these short-term rentals. While the voice of the opposition has been loud, it turns out, it’s not representative of Nashville as a whole.
Airbnb recently commissioned a poll conducted by San Francisco-based David Binder Research, gathering responses from 500 voting Nashville residents. Generally, 75 percent of poll respondents supported short-term rentals through Airbnb, and 63 percent said they consider the practice to be good for Nashville.
As for a deeper dive of those results, the survey found only eight percent of respondents thought second-home or investment rentals should be completely prohibited, and only 14 percent said they should be “mostly” prohibited with “some exceptions.” In fact, 60 percent of all respondents felt these types of properties should be “mostly” allowed with “some restrictions.”
While the local government has put certain limitations in place on these types of properties since the start of the year, the state Senate passed a bill—the “Short Term Rental Unit Act”—that would overturn a Nashville ordinance set to gradually eliminate certain types of short-term rentals.
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