At Benchmark Realty, we have agents all over Middle Tennessee, and some cover much larger geographical areas than others do.

But how far is too far? And how do you know if you’re pushing your territory past reasonable limits?How Far is Too Far for a realtor to drive- Benchmark Realty

The Judgment Call: How Far is too Far?

When you were an excited, brand-new Realtor®, how far would you go to get a listing or show a house? Did it matter where the client was coming from, or did you set boundaries right out of the gate?

There’s really no hard-and-fast rule for how far a Realtor should travel, especially because this business is all about making the client happy – and about earning a commission. If you’re showing your clients multi-million dollar listing, it makes sense to drive from Spring Hill to Nashville (or beyond).

Here’s the deal: you have total control over your real estate business. Some agents prefer working in several smaller communities, and others like to focus on one big city. Whatever you choose is absolutely fine, as long as you know your areas and can give your clients the top-tier service they expect from you.

That said, though, you need to choose wisely. Few Realtors can be incredibly familiar with a community that’s more than 50 miles from home; for the most part, 50 miles seems to be the limit in rural areas, and 20 to 25 is about it for more urban areas.

Collaboration is a Benchmark Realty Hallmark

Because we’re a sizable company covering Middle Tennessee, there’s plenty of opportunity for collaboration between Realtors. Part of our Vision Statement is that we’ll consistently deliver 100 percent of our clients’ expectations in every real estate transaction.

Part of that is doing what it takes to give our clients the best possible service. If that means referring them to an agent who has more knowledge about local issues in Thompson’s Station, for example, or asking a Realtor who covers the southeastern corner of Nashville if there are any issues your clients need to know about, then that’s what we strive to do.

Are You a Benchmark Realtor?

One thing that our agents always talk about is the level of cooperation that we enjoy. Check out what Benchmark Realtor Lisa Gray has to say about teamwork: “We are all on the same team, going in the same direction.”

If you’re up for a conversation about joining one of Middle Tennessee’s premier real estate companies, call us at 615-371-1544 or fill out the form below. You’re going to love the camaraderie, the collaboration, and – we almost don’t want to say it – the 100 percent commission that all of our agents enjoy right off the bat.

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