Winter isn’t kind to your clients’ yards, the outsides of their homes or sometimes, even the insides – and as a Realtor®, it’s tough to strike a good balance when you’re gently pointing out the areas where they need to improve.

Ultimate Home Showing Checklist

Many Realtors find it helpful to print out a checklist, which you’ll find below, because it shifts the focus from a “your-home-isn’t-good-enough” approach to a comfortable, “trust-me-on-this” approach.

Helping Your Sellers Have a Good Springtime Showing

Spring might be the easiest—and the hardest—time to show a home. On one hand, you can open the windows to let in fresh air; on the other, winter takes a toll on your clients and their homes.

You can run your sellers through the basics, such as leaving the house when buyers come by or leaving a nice note near the front door to thank visitors for looking, but you still need to make sure their house is ready for a perfect showing.

Striking the Right Balance with Tact

If nothing else, Realtors are good with people – but when it comes to telling sellers what they need to hear, they’re emotionally invested. It can be difficult to tell them how to make their homes look better without sounding condescending.

“Say what the problem is, and if you must amplify your message, say where your data came from,” says James Ellis, Dean of the USC Marshall School of Business. “…Make it clear that your goal is movement toward constructive change and nothing else.”

Another way to make sure your sellers are on-board is to let them lead with their own ideas. Present your own idea, which is that the home needs to be spruced up before buyers can fall in love with it, and then get their ideas for doing so.

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