When your clients are happy, all is well with the world – you’ll get referrals and repeat business time and again. But how do you make sure they’re happier than everyone else’s clients, especially when you’re facing a multiple-offer situation during a home shortage?Real-estate agent giving keys to new property owners

Helping Your Clients’ Offer Stand Out

There are so many small concessions you can make that many people don’t even think about – and that’s good news for you. You’ll look like a rockstar when your clients are competing with other buyers for a listing and you have a toolkit of brilliant ideas to help them shine.

  1. Show the sellers that your buyers are qualified. Instead of an ordinary lender letter, have them get an actual loan pre-approval letter; that shows they’re stronger buyers.
  2. Have your clients submit a larger-than-normal earnest money deposit. Let them know that it shows the buyer they’re very serious and that it’s still a part of their down payment.
  3.  Tell your buyers to write their best offer. If they truly want the home, they may not be able to hope for negotiations. Even though the highest offer doesn’t always win, it can’t hurt to come out swinging.
  4. Give the sellers what they need. Rather than taking possession of the home immediately after closing, can your buyers wait a few days so that the sellers have time to move? It seems like such a small thing, but it can make a huge difference if they’re trying to decide between multiple offers.
  5. Have your clients add a personal touch. While it may or may not make an impact, sending a hand-written note to the seller adds a human element to an ordinarily “all-business” transaction.

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