Rotate your mattress at least twice annuallyWith the change of seasons, it’s a good reminder to rotate your bedrooms’ mattresses. Most brand manufacturers recommend a semi-annual “flip”, at least.

Mattress manufacturers recommend a mattress flip because, over time, mattresses can wear unevenly, the result of sleeping in the same position each night, or applying too much continuous pressure to one area of the mattress.

By the time your mattress shows signs of “sag” or imprints, it’s often too late.

Rotating a mattress is exactly what it sounds like; it’s pivoting your mattress on its axis — either horizontal, vertical, or both — and replacing it on your bed frame.

Rotating your mattress regularly will extend its useful life.

If you have a twin mattress, you may be able to flip it by yourself. If your mattress is a full-size or larger, though, follow these steps to minimize injury. Mattresses can be heavy.

  1. Find a partner to help you
  2. Slide the mattress out from the headboard by 3 feet
  3. Rotate the mattress one-quarter spin so that’s its “across” the bed
  4. Lift the mattress from the headboard toward the foot, standing it upright and turning it over completely
  5. Make another one-turn to the mattress
  6. Slide the mattress back to the headboard

With these steps, you will have flipped your mattress over both of its axes.

Mattresses are among the most used pieces of furniture in a Franklin home, and often the most ignored piece of furniture, too. To get a longer, useful life from your mattresses, perform a mattress rotation at least twice yearly.