What are ‘Cookies’?

Enter info about what a Cookie is, how it works and how to clear their cookies with links to Google for instructions for each browser. How to clear your cookies on Chrome: https://www.google.com/#q=How+do+I+clear+my+cookies+on+Chrome

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Is there a Short Link to my page?

Yes! Each agent will have a link like this: http://firstnamelastname.benchmarkrealtytn.com For example: http://phillipcantrell.benchmarkrealtytn.com In addition to that YourSiteNeedsMe is happy to help any agent set up their own domain name that they own and point it to their URL. If you would like help on that please send an email to support@yoursiteneedsme.com with the following information: Your Full Name: Domain Name you want to use: http:// Website where you purchased your domain name (EX: Godaddy): Username to log in to above site: Password to log into above site: *Please make sure you check your login before sending. Not sending the proper login will cause delays!

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How do I update my Agent Wrap Page?

Video: Introduction to your Agent Dashboard This video will introduce you to the Agent Control Panel Dashboard and how to navigate through it. 2 Mins, 9 Secs Video: Editing your Bio & Photo Want to edit your bio? Need to update your photo? This video is for you! 3 Mins, 42 Secs

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