Despite LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and all of the other marketing tools that you can use to launch your real estate career into the stratosphere, one of the best ways to generate leads is still face-to-face contact. Are you doing everything you can to get leads?

Face-to-Face Networking- Benchmark Realty in Tennessee

Who Knows You’re a Realtor®?

If you can’t answer, “Everybody I meet knows I’m a Realtor,” you’ve got a little work to do. That’s not to say that you should push your services on everyone, but it does mean that you should be telling people what you do… just in case.


Meeting New People: Where to Look

If you’re like many successful Realtors, you’re already talking to the woman in line behind you at the supermarket, the man whose kids are playing with yours at the park and the staff that grooms your dog. But that’s not really enough, especially if you’re focusing on growing your real estate business. Don’t neglect church socials, alumni events and trade shows; make it a point to attend as many events as you can. Sporting events, fitness classes and even your favorite coffee shop are great places to start talking. You’ll have fun while spreading the word, and very few careers give you that kind of freedom.

Effective Networking is Conversational

A two-way conversation is the best way to network. In fact, making the person you’re speaking to feel like they’re the most interesting person you’ve ever spoken with is the key, according to Olivia Fox Cabane, a nationally renowned charisma coach. It’s not about selling yourself; it’s about building trust. All you need to do is mention that you’re a Realtor and spend the rest of the conversation focused on the other person.

Staying Top of Mind

Working different touch points into the relationship is a great way to follow up with the  face-to-face meetings. How about “friending” them on Facebook and following them on Twitter? Comment and Re-tweet their posts. Add them to your quarterly mailings and your email newsletters. Trulia, and Zillow are great places to connect. In this business you are either #1 , a distant #2 or not even in the game. Which one will you be?

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