Drew Hendry is a Principal Broker for Benchmark Realty, LLC in Franklin, TN.  He has served the community as a Realtor since 2003.  Drew serves the greater Nashville area with a focus on the “I-65 Corridor” from Nashville to Columbia, TN.  Also a leader in the community, Drew faithfully gives his time to his church, neighborhood and company.  Of his role as a Principal Broker, he states, “My style of leadership is Relational.  I enjoy helping others be the best in their business.  Being a Realtor provides so many opportunities for agents to specialize in the areas that they are most passionate about.  One of my favorite quotes comes from my friend, author and coach, Michael Q. Pink, ‘Sales is a transfer of passion.’  I believe that when someone runs their business fueled by what they are passionate about, they will be successful.”

Drew is a husband to Kelli for 21 years.  He has 3 kids that are all gifted in sports and the arts.  He enjoys being in nature running trails mostly and watching his kids compete in their sport or perform through their art.

Broker Tip:

What would you do with an extra $52k a year?

My first business class in college was Accounting 101.  The first chapter of our book explained the acronym, “KISS” (Keep It Simple Stupid).  I find that if your systems and processes are too complicated, you will never do them and they will be useless.  One of the simplest tasks we can do as a business owner is a To Do List.  Years ago, Benchmark Realty’s Founder and CEO, Phillip Cantrell stated, “If you complete tomorrow’s To-Do List today, you will double your business.”  Wait- What???  The premise behind this is that, on average, a person consumes 2 hours of their day getting organized.  If you take 5-15 minutes at the end of your work day to write down the tasks that need to be done the following day while they are fresh in your mind, you will save 2 hours of your day, every day!  At $100/hr (minus weekends), this would equal $52,200 in additional revenue by just consistently completing this one tip!

My To-Do List has changed over the years in order for it to be a tool that will allow me to be most effective.  I start my day with Gratitude, by writing 3 things for which I am grateful.  I include a simple Daily Schedule along with my To-Do List that contains no more than 15 line items on it.  At the end of the day, I write about “Where did I win today?”  I include inspirational quotes to fill my mind with the encouragement throughout the day.

Be willing to adapt, but don’t lose sight of the basics.  Do a Daily To Do List.  “KISS.”