Today’s Coffee with a Broker post is brought to you by Jeremy Enders, who is the Principal Broker for Benchmark Realty’s Hendersonville location.

There are many, many benefits and resources an experienced agent has to offer a client. The list is long and one of the items on that list is negotiating. The term negotiations can sometimes carry a mystical aura with it. To a large part one’s experience with “negotiations” determines what that means to them. Even for those whose occupations may include negotiating; the term has a meaning or experience that can vary widely per individual. In its most simple form, it is the act of bringing two parties to a single destination that is desirable to each.

When it comes to real estate, a seasoned agent has many of these experiences day to day and is highly familiar with the nuances of the industry. So, what are we negotiating? The first thing to come to mind may be price. But, what about terms? Dates? Conditions and contingencies? Inspections and Appraisals? Repairs and re-inspections? Possession and Occupancy? All negotiable items. Negotiations is just one item on a list of many services an agent performs. The value proposition that you, the experienced agent provides to a client is significant and not easily replaced.