Older Baby Boomers and Real Estate

With all the buzz in the media about the Millennial generation, it is pretty easy to forget that people who were born between 1946 and 1954 make up 15 percent of the country’s total homebuyers and 22 percent of all sellers across the nation. That means two of every 10 of your clients are likely to be “older” Baby Boomers, and understanding what resonates with that generation can help ensure that you’re showing them the right homes for the right reasons – and that you’re marketing their homes in the most effective ways.   Baby Boomers and Real Estate Statistics This year, Baby Boomers are somewhere between the ages of 60 and 68. Statistics suggest that 16 percent of them purchased a multi-generational home, and most of them purchase a home that’s strikingly similar to their previous home. Considering that 91 percent of the buyers in this age group are repeat homebuyers, and that they’re often motivated by retirement, you can strategize and plan ahead to make sure their needs are being met. Showing Baby Boomers the Right Homes When your clients are telling you what they want, make sure you listen: this group is accustomed to coming right out [...]

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Photo-Free-for-All- Can You Use Someone Else’s Pictures?

The Internet is a big, big place, and many Realtors® believe that it’s somewhat of a free-for-all. However, that’s not the case; actually, you could find yourself paying a pretty penny if you use someone else’s listing photographs or information as your own. Can You Use Another Realtor’s Photos? A couple of recent court cases involving Realtors using photos that they didn’t own didn’t work out too well for the offending agents. It’s much cheaper to take your own photos or purchase them outright than to end up paying a court-ordered fine (plus court fees) if you’re found guilty of infringing someone else’s copyright. And just for the record, as soon as you click the shutter button, the resulting photo is copyrighted and belongs to you. Why You Shouldn’t Want to Use Another Realtor’s Photos Aside from the fact that using another agent’s photos on your listing is considered stealing, there are several reasons you shouldn’t want to use them. First, you’re not doing your clients any favors. It’s your job to find the most attractive angles, the most unique shots and the best views so you can spark interest in your clients’ properties. When people searching for properties see [...]

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