As a Realtor®, it’s essential that you’re able to access your contacts quickly. You need to pull up phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses at the drop of a hat—and that’s tough to do if you’re storing everything in your iPhone.

Short of an old-school Rolodex, how can you keep track of everyone, including all the notes you have that help you keep everything straight?best contact management system for realtors 2015

The Best Free Contact Management Software for Realtors in 2015

There are several fantastic (and free) tools that are great for Realtors, including:

  • Unsightly. Insightly lets you store up to 2,500 records with up to 10 custom fields.
  • Free CRM. Free CRM is entirely web-based, so you can access all your records from anywhere with an Internet connection. Like Insightly, this one lets you store up to 2,500 records.
  • ZohoCRM. This software is incredibly easy to use, and it lets you store up to 5,000 records free. You can export data into Excel, too, which makes it easy to transfer files wherever you need them.
  • Capsule. Capsule gives you 10MB of free storage where you can stash up to 250 contacts. It integrates with Gmail and 32 other programs, so it might be a huge help when you’re slogging through your inbox to find a certain message.

If you’re a HubSpot customer, you’re going to love their version of client relation management software, too. You’ll have to install Sidekick, their brand-new email tool, but it promises dozens of customizable features that are designed to make tracking and connecting with your clients easier than ever.

The Best Paid CRM Software for Realtors in 2015

When the free CRMs aren’t doing everything you need them to do, you can step up your game with:

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