Few people are immune from the dream of home ownership, but many don’t have the means to take the leap. Fortunately, programs from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency promote affordable housing; they also facilitate the use of federal and state housing programs for first-time homebuyers and military veterans. As Realtors®, it’s our job to help everyone we can to realize their dreams of home ownership – and agents like Wesley Willoughby use the THDA to live up to the standards that make up Benchmark Realty’s foundation. Willoughby received the THDA Top Sales Agent award because of his proactive stance on helping first-time homebuyers and veterans. So how did he do it?Wes Willoughby THDA TOP SALES AGENT

Promoting Affordable Housing Programs

Willoughby and his preferred lending partner, Michael Hampton of Peoples Home Equity, host monthly seminars to help first-time homebuyers and veterans take advantage of THDA programs. By advertising these free classes through radio, television and print, the pair hosts between 15 and 25 people each month; as a result, they’ve helped people who were having a tough time breaking through the barriers to home ownership. “This class gives us the opportunity to meet face-to-face with homebuyers to answer the questions they may not be able to find answers to in their own research. Most of the time, we clear up misconceptions about the home-buying process,” says Willoughby. He adds that most people aren’t aware of the grant programs available to veterans and first-time buyers –and that those programs often make home buyers eligible for a grant of up to 4% of their home’s purchase amount to be used for the buyers down payment and closing costs! Additionally programs for Veterans include THDA’s Homeownership For The Brave program that offers qualifying veterans a ½ percent rate reduction off any of the Great Choice loan programs or it can be used with a VA loan.

Can You Do the Same?

Most of us would love to help families get out of rentals and into their own homes. If you’re interested in helping people take advantage of THDA programs and grants, Willoughby suggests aligning yourself with a lender who understands how they work; understanding them yourself is also key. “It is a proud part of my business to assist families with the purchase of their first home. I am honored to assist those who qualify understand, and take advantage of, the grant programs available to them through the State of Tennessee Housing Development Agency,” says Willoughby.

Benchmark Agent, Wesley Willoughby is THDA's TOP SELLING AGENT for 2013

Benchmark Agent, Wesley Willoughby is THDA’s TOP SELLING AGENT for 2013

Because Benchmark Realty provides you with the freedom you need to launch successful campaigns like Willoughby’s, all you need to do is put in the legwork. Find out more about the THDA’s programs for first-time homebuyers and see what kind of information Willoughby and Hampton provide. Then, if you’re not yet a Benchmark Agent, please fill out our contact form and find out how we can help you reach this level of success. 

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