In 2006 when my wife and I were looking for a name for this company we decided to take a look at definitions instead of words. The definition we settled on was, “A standard against which other similar things must be measured or compared. – BENCHMARK


One of our prime focuses over the years has been continued process improvement. We are constantly trying to become more professional and be better at what we do. In keeping with that we have come up with a hashtag that we think is very appropriate #BeBetterBeBenchmark. This hashtag exemplifies who we are at Benchmark. We will be using it in our marketing and would encourage our agents to use it in their marketing efforts as well.


#BeBetterBeBenchmark in Action

Our agents are a great example of the #BeBetterBeBenchmark philosophy in action. We get emails quite frequently about our agents from other agents. Nothing gives me a bigger thrill than when I get an email from an agent that says, “I just did a deal with one of your agents and it was really good. They knew their stuff, the trust money was delivered on time, and the contract docs were correct.” There is nothing that gives me a bigger charge than that and that is the exemplification of #BeBetterBeBenchmark.

Search the hashtag to see how our agents stand out from the pack, deliver superior service and strive to be the standard by which others are measured.

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