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The REALTOR’s Guide to Social Media

Social media has exploded over the past 10 years with new platforms coming on the scene providing different ways to share content. As REALTORs, it’s important to have an active online presence, but trying to push content out across all available platforms can be a huge time sink. From Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to Pinterest and Snapchat, it’s hard to know the best types of posts to share and where to share them. Understanding Your Goals Before investing too much time in social media, think about why you want to be using it. For a real estate agent, there are a few specific goals you should have in mind: 1. Staying in touch with your clients to maintain relationships for both repeat business and referrals. 2. Providing valuable content to prove your position as an expert on the market and the go-to agent for your network. 3. Driving traffic back to your website so people will see your property listings. Choosing Your Platforms With these goals in mind, selecting the best platforms for your business becomes a lot easier. According to Pew Research Center, 79 percent of Americans use Facebook, making it a must-have channel for agents because most of [...]

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The Power of Having Business Systems as a Real Estate Agent

The key to becoming and staying a top-earning REALTOR is to manage your time, your clients and your transactions like a business. The most successful real estate agents aren’t just a part of a whole as a member of an agency. They’re small business owners. To view your work as a business, you have to act like one. That means having business systems in place for each aspect of your real estate practice. What is a business system? It’s a process or method designed to achieve a specific result. Think organization, marketing, and transaction plans. All of these individual systems work together toward the overall success of your real estate business. Organization and Time Management The simplest and most important system to implement is one that impacts every part of your life: organizing your day. How you allocate your time can be the difference between a decent year and a great year. From planning client fact time and nurturing leads to keeping up with your referral thank you gifts and finalizing transactions at the closing table, it may seem impossible to do everything that needs to get done. Putting a system in place can take the challenge out of time [...]

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How to Nurture Your Real Estate Client Database for Future Profitability

As real estate agents, we’re always on the lookout for new customers, but building relationships based on trust—which our industry so often requires—takes time. While searching for new leads is important for growing your business, you shouldn’t waste the time you’ve already invested developing relationships with your past clients. According to a recent report from the National Association of REALTORS, 70% of sellers say they would use the same agent again, but only 25% actually used the agent they previously worked with to buy or sell a home. To stay top of mind with your past clients when it comes time for another real estate transaction, you have to make direct efforts to maintain that relationship. If you can spend just one day per week working on your customer database, nurturing those relationships becomes a lot more manageable. Take a systematic approach to keeping in touch by starting with your current year’s clients and working backward to organize, review, and update client information so you can begin to have more regular contact. Here are a few ideas to get you started: Start a Monthly Newsletter Staying in touch doesn’t have to be a manual, labor-intensive process. With an email marketing [...]

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Why More and More People are Calling Nashville Home

We’ve all felt Nashville’s growth over the past several years. With big corporations calling Music City home and more entrepreneurs setting up shop, it’s no surprise our population is on the rise, and the boom isn’t expected to end anytime soon. Recent data shows the city is still growing by roughly 100 people per day. Nashville ranked No. 1 on Zillow’s list of hottest markets for 2017. As real estate agents, this is good news for us as we help newcomers find a place to live and help locals sell, but what is it that’s making so many people want to call Nashville home? Many people looking to Music City get their initial taste as tourists. Nashville was recently recognized as third on Travel + Leisure’s list of America’s favorite cities and ranked by the Forbes Travel Guide among sixteen must-visit places, including such destinations as Rome, Paris and Thailand. While tourism can bring people here, it’s the jobs that get them to stay. Incomes recently grew by 1.1 percent, and unemployment in Nashville is at a low, healthy 4 percent. Large corporations, universities and healthcare giants like Nissan, Vanderbilt University and HCA pull in people looking for new opportunities, [...]

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Top 5 Apps for Smart Real Estate Agents

In Nashville’s booming real estate market, the most successful agents don’t have time to be bound to a desk or a home office. Instead, they find the tools that work for their mobile lifestyles to not only make their jobs easier, but to make them a better resource for their clients. These five apps do just that. Benchmark Realty Smarter Agent App At Benchmark all of our agents have access to our Smarter Agent app as a part of their membership. This all-in-one mobile app solution provides our agents and their clients with a more real-time look at the market than Zillow or Trulia. Not only does our app pull from the most accurate and updated listing information, it allows agents and clients to search by neighborhood and subdivision as well as by address, MLS number and map. Plus, all leads go directly to our agents. Available on Apple and Android devices. Not a Benchmark agent yet? Don’t worry, there are a few other apps out there for you. Zillow Premier Agent Now more than ever home buyers are turning to online tools before ever engaging a real estate agent. If you’re looking for a lead generator, consider signing up [...]

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