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Phillip Cantrell is the CEO and Founder of Benchmark Realty, LLC.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

As you drive down I-65 South from Nashville, you are greeted with lush rolling hills intermixed with homes and businesses.  Williamson County has done a good job of building growth where it matters.  The I-65 corridor from Brentwood to Spring Hill is growing up fast.  With the likes of the headquarters for Nissan, Mars Petcare, and various healthcare juggernauts like HCA & CHS, and the home of the #1 TN County for schools, Williamson County has become a destination for many to call home.  With all of this growth, Southern Williamson County has been a hot bed of activity and there is no signs of it slowing down. Located in Southern Franklin,  Berry Farms has drawn the attention of many far & wide.  Located at the Peytonsville Rd/Goose Creek ByPass on I-65, Berry Farms is a mixed use community featuring single family homes, townhomes, shops, restaurants, commercial businesses and office buildings, this area has become a natural attractor for consumers and businesses because of the amenities it provides.  Most recently, has been the competition of the headquarters of Lee Company, whose owner, Bill Lee, is the governor for the great state of Tennessee.  Also, world renowned talk show host and [...]

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Coffee with Drew Hendry

Drew Hendry is a Principal Broker for Benchmark Realty, LLC in Franklin, TN.  He has served the community as a Realtor since 2003.  Drew serves the greater Nashville area with a focus on the “I-65 Corridor” from Nashville to Columbia, TN.  Also a leader in the community, Drew faithfully gives his time to his church, neighborhood and company.  Of his role as a Principal Broker, he states, “My style of leadership is Relational.  I enjoy helping others be the best in their business.  Being a Realtor provides so many opportunities for agents to specialize in the areas that they are most passionate about.  One of my favorite quotes comes from my friend, author and coach, Michael Q. Pink, ‘Sales is a transfer of passion.’  I believe that when someone runs their business fueled by what they are passionate about, they will be successful.” Drew is a husband to Kelli for 21 years.  He has 3 kids that are all gifted in sports and the arts.  He enjoys being in nature running trails mostly and watching his kids compete in their sport or perform through their art. Broker Tip: What would you do with an extra $52k a year? My first [...]

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Horizontal Property Regime 101

If you live in Nashville you’ve probably seen these tall, skinny houses stacked side by side on one plot of land going up. These tall, skinny houses are called HPR’s. Many neighborhoods in Nashville are tearing down single homes to make room for two separate new homes. What is a Horizontal Property Regime?   A horizontal property regime (HPR) is a zoning policy that allows you to build two new houses on one piece of land that previously had one house. Think of a HPR as the vehicle that allows a property owner to sell "units" to separate individuals while the dwellings/units are on a single piece of property. It can be as few as 2 units or as many as 100. Builders and Developers use this method mostly commonly when constructing townhomes. Once a Master Deed is recorded, it establishes an HOA, guidelines/restrictions, and then also has an Exhibit that outlines which units are which. You still have to file the entity (HOA) with the State of TN but after that the tax assessor will pick it up and establish individual tax ID numbers to each unit for tax purposes. Each unit owner owns the land directly underneath that [...]

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Get to Know Bond Mortgage

                                 About Bond Mortgage We're a full service mortgage lender with an experienced staff offering expertise in every area of mortgage lending. We have a full range of mortgage sources and all of our lending specialists are dedicated to finding the right loan - with the best rates and terms to meet your unique needs. Introducing Zach Jones: Sales Manager NMLS - 546399 I'm a native Texan but have lived in Middle Tennessee for most of my life, so this is home. I have lived in both Davidson and Williamson counties, and currently live with my wife and daughter in Franklin. We enjoy anything to do with living and playing in the outdoors. My first career was in healthcare but I decided I wanted to do something completely different, so I approached a friend about learning more about the mortgage business and hired on with his company in 2003. I fell in love with the whole real estate business at that point and now I can't imagine doing anything else. I'm a true believer in the idea that homeownership is one of the basic elements of The American [...]

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Mortgage Moment: Introducing Donnie Crotts

Donnie Crotts recently joined Bond Mortgage, LLC as President. He began his career in the mortgage industry in 1999 and has gained a wealth of experience since that time. In the last 19 years, he has served in both sales and operations, which has provided him the opportunity to know the full range of the mortgage business. Donnie has been committed to his customers in assisting them in meeting their financial needs toward home ownership. He has also supported his colleagues and employees in achieving tremendous success in their careers. Donnie is a native Tennessean who currently lives in Franklin, TN with his wife and son. On his off time, he is a big fan of his son’s travel baseball team and enjoys watching the many games his son plays. Donnie also enjoys spending time with his family and traveling to different areas of the country. His favorite vacation spot is anywhere with a sunny, white sand beach. Benchmark Realty would like to extend a big warm welcome to Donnie Crotts, President of Bond Mortgage. We feel blessed to be associated with such a wonderful company.            Donnie Crotts – President     NMLS – 280259  

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How Nashvillians Feel About Short Term Rentals

As Nashville continues to grow, the city is increasingly becoming a hot spot for tourists, helping boost the economy and hospitality industries, including the rise of more Airbnb’s in Nashville and surrounding areas. There’s been some backlash from residents against these short-term rentals. While the voice of the opposition has been loud, it turns out, it’s not representative of Nashville as a whole. Airbnb recently commissioned a poll conducted by San Francisco-based David Binder Research, gathering responses from 500 voting Nashville residents. Generally, 75 percent of poll respondents supported short-term rentals through Airbnb, and 63 percent said they consider the practice to be good for Nashville. As for a deeper dive of those results, the survey found only eight percent of respondents thought second-home or investment rentals should be completely prohibited, and only 14 percent said they should be “mostly” prohibited with “some exceptions.” In fact, 60 percent of all respondents felt these types of properties should be “mostly” allowed with “some restrictions.” While the local government has put certain limitations in place on these types of properties since the start of the year, the state Senate passed a bill—the “Short Term Rental Unit Act”—that would overturn a Nashville ordinance set to [...]

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The Benefit of Murals in Nashville Neighborhoods

As our city continues to grow, a number of businesses and real estate companies have begun commissioning local artists to create murals as a part of the design of their buildings. For homeowners living in nearby neighborhoods, this art can have a benefit beyond adding beauty to the city. Boosting the Local Economy With Nashville’s status on the rise as a must-visit city, tourism is booming. Music City saw a record 14.5 million visitors in 2017, a 4.6 percent increase over the previous year, and murals are playing a part in drawing that business to specific neighborhoods. According to the Nashville Business Journal, more than 100 tourists visited the Gulch in a single day to photograph the neighborhood’s latest mural, while restaurants in The Nations hosted nightly viewing parties to watch an artist paint a 165-foot-tall mural over the course of 17 days. Instagram further points to the power of murals in drawing tourists, with mural-related hashtags having tens of thousands of posts. The hashtag #ibelieveinnashville has close to 25,000 posts while #whatliftsyou is now at more than 100,000 posts. Murals are Here to Stay With groups like Nashville Walls Project, the addition of this type of street art doesn’t [...]

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Airbnb Plans to Expand, Introduces New Categories

For many Nashville residents, Airbnb has been a hot topic over the past few years, with many homeowners listing part of their property on the popular site and others buying new homes to serve explicitly as short-term rentals. Controversy has ranged from sales tax collection to arguments regarding negative impact on neighborhoods versus overall benefit to the city. Legislation has been passed at the local level and proposed at the state level on both sides. No matter where you stand, Airbnb’s growth isn’t looking to slow any time soon. This year, the company celebrated its tenth anniversary and announced its plans for growth for the next ten years as it seeks to achieve 1 billion guests annually by 2028. With only 300 million guests hosted to date, that’s a pretty significant jump. One of the ways the company plans to get there is with the introduction of new categories. Currently, rentals are sorted into groups by entire home, private room and shared room. The new categories will expand options and make searching easier for the consumer. Airbnb has revealed four new property categories as a part of its initial changes: Vacation homes: Residences dedicated to short term use Unique: Yurts, [...]

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Nashville Ranked as America’s 7th Fastest Growing City

Forbes recently released its list of America’s 25 fastest growing cities, and Nashville once again made the cut, jumping from rank 20 to seven in just one year for the Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin metropolitan area. The list considers a number of figures including population growth, employment, wages and economic output, and incorporates home price growth as a proxy for wealth. At the top of the list of factors contributing to Nashville’s growth are a 2.24 percent increase in population in 2017—with a projected 2.15 percent increase this year—and a 3.07 percent increase in job growth in 2017—with a 2.05 percent increase anticipated this year. With those new jobs come higher wages, 5.02 percent higher to be exact. This year, Forbes anticipates another 6.2 percent increase. As Music City grows and attracts new talent, those residents need somewhere to live. It’s no surprise home values are also on the rise. In 2017, home prices increased by 10 percent, and Forbes expects another 3.72 percent increase in 2018. Other areas at the top of the list include Boise City, Idaho (1); Seattle, Washington (2); Dallas, Texas (3); Orlando, Florida (4); Fort Worth, Texas (5); and Las Vegas, Nevada (6). You can read the full [...]

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Surban Living and the Future of Millennial Homebuying

Many millennials are beginning to take the step from renting to homeownership. With 50 percent of millennial homeowners moving out of the city and into the suburbs as they hunt for more affordable spaces—according to a recent study by Zillow—developers and builders are looking for ways to attract these new buyers. Millennials are starting to grow their families, and many are finding that traditional city living no longer meets their needs. High rents, lower quality schools, and crime rates have them turning their sights elsewhere. But, still, the traditional view of suburban life is out of the question. Meet the new “Surban” living. A term created by John Burns Real Estate Consulting in Chicago, Surban is defined as a suburban area that has the feel of the city, combining urban energy and walkability with the space and affordability of the suburbs. It perfectly defines what this new generation of homebuyers is looking for. While they want some of the benefits of living outside of the city, they’re not ready to give up the essentials that make city life interesting. Rather than the big box retail and sprawling spaces that the suburbs are known for, new Surban living creates neighborhoods within [...]

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