When you’re out showing homes, are your prospects in your car with you? We just wrapped up Realtor® Safety Month (although for us, every month is Realtor Safety Month), so now is a good time to follow up and make sure you’re following the right protocol.

Should you drive your clients, should they drive you, or should you go separately?

Robert Siciliano, CEO of ID Theft Security, says, “You shouldn’t be driving your clients around unless you have properly vetted them.”

However, the safest option is to drive separately. We’re taught from a very young age that we shouldn’t get into cars with strangers, so why is real estate any different?

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You should always have your clients meet you at the office and make copies of their identification while you’re there. Any client who doesn’t want to give up ID for a photocopy may not be one that you want to work with.

It’s okay for your clients to follow you to properties, but if you’re uncomfortable telling them that you prefer to drive separately, there’s nothing wrong with saying something like, “I want to make sure that you have quiet time to reflect on each of the homes we’re about to see. I usually find that my clients are much happier when we go separately because it allows them to weigh the pros and the cons of each house without my input swaying their decisions.”

Make sure someone always knows where you are, too. While that won’t prevent a crime, it ensures that if something goes wrong, emergency responders know where to look.



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“You shouldn’t be driving your clients around unless you have properly vetted them.” 

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