Whether you’ve just nailed your first listing or your thousandth, the way you present your clients’ homes can make or break their deals. Are you doing those listings justice?Are You Doing Your Listings Justice- Benchmark Realty Nashville

What a Listing – and Your Client – Deserves It

We all know that setting aside time to work on one project and devoting our attention to it is essential if we want to do our best. But how much time is enough? One hour? Two?

The only definitive answer to that question is “as long as it takes.”

Why Doing Your Listings Justice Isn’t Just about Time

Nobody works at the same pace; what might take you a half-hour may take someone else five minutes (or vice-versa). It’s not always about the amount of time you spend – it’s about what you’re doing. Naturally, your goal is to get that property in front of as many people as possible, making it appealing to those people, and ultimately, selling it.

So what can you do to go the extra mile for your clients?

Take High-Resolution (and Original) Photos

Anybody can snap a decent photo with a smartphone and upload it to the MLS, but that’s not doing your listings justice. High-resolution photos give potential buyers a clear look at what a home has to offer. Further, the real estate photos you use have to be yours. There are also several affordable high quality photography services available like Showcase Photographers and HouseLens.

Describe Your Listings Properly

Some Realtors® feel like potential buyers only want hard facts – and while there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s a lot of value in adding powerful descriptors to your listings.

If you’re saying “Move-in ready 2-bedroom, 1-bath home,” you might be able to get more mileage out of a more descriptive blurb, such as “This beautiful 2-bedroom features an open floor plan and a recently remodeled bathroom.” According to a recent study, homes described as beautiful sell for up to 5 percent more than those that aren’t described that way.

Be Attentive to Potential Buyers

If you weren’t attentive to potential buyers, you’d never sell a house – but make sure you’re giving them the right amount of your time and energy (and that you’re using it wisely).

Marketing a property can get expensive with professional photography, virtual tours, advertisements, printing costs, etc. Are commission splits and broker fees eating up your marketing budget and profits? Benchmark Agents keep 100%  of their hard earned commissions. They choose from one of three low monthly rate plans and never pay any brokerage fees. This freedom allows our agents to reinvest their considerable savings back into their business, including marketing their listings. Are you free to give your listings the attention they deserve? If your hands are tied because of big time commitments to your company or because your broker isn’t giving you the freedom you need to run your business your way, it’s time to think about becoming a Benchmark Realty agent. When you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a career with Benchmark, contact us online or call us at (615)371-1544. 

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