There’s a big difference between being responsive and being aggressive – and the truth is, you want to be somewhere in-between in order to make sure your clients are happy and that you’re making sales. The difference between someone who’s just selling real estate and someone who’s actively building a business is right on that line… so are you responsive, aggressive, or the perfect blend of the two?Are you responsive or aggressive- Benchmark Realty

The Differences Between Responsive and Aggressive

A responsive agent is:

  • Always available (within a reasonable time frame) to his or her clients
  • Easy to access through several mediums, from phone and text to email and Skype
  • Forthcoming with all information that clients need and can anticipate the next step

An aggressive agent:

  • Pushes to “close the deal,” sometimes even before clients are ready
  • Rushes through the process and doesn’t leave clients enough time to make the best decisions
  • Tends to initiate too much contact with clients

While you can see why being an aggressive agent is likely bad for business, being responsive isn’t necessarily enough. The mid-point is where you make sure you’re pushing at the right times and know when to let your clients have time to process all of the information you’ve given them. You won’t be considered aggressive – you’ll be considered a go-getter who makes sure your clients are completely satisfied.

Where Do You Fall on the Spectrum?

If you’re asking your clients about how motivated they are to buy or sell and figuring out how long their timelines are, you’re in the perfect position to be a responsive go-getter. Reading your clients’ cues and being unafraid to ask them questions will give you the push you need. In real estate, no matter your urgency to generate a sale, you operate in an industry where you cannot motivate someone to buy.  You can show property, you can explain the features and benefits, and you can manage the transaction – but you cannot MAKE someone buy a house.  You have to focus instead on top of mind consciousness, so that when the need arises, the consumer thinks of you alone.  In this business, you are either #1, a distant #2 or not even in the game.

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