As Realtors®, we all know that we have to do things that set us apart from every other agent in Tennessee – and that’s especially important if we’re trying to be the “go-to” agent for listings in a particular neighborhood. Word-of-mouth goes a long way, and one satisfied past client could lead to many more in the future.


7 Easy Ways to Get Those Real Estate Listings

You already know that step one is to answer your phone or return calls within minutes. We live in an instant-gratification society, and the faster you’re available to potential clients, the better start you have on earning their trust.

Other than picking up when they need you, there are 7 simple ways to make you a shoo-in as clients’ first choice:

  1. Tell potential clients about your network. Let them know that you’re a member of local clubs, a Show & Sell group, Chambers of Commerce and other organizations. When they see that you’re socially connected, you automatically seem more trustworthy.
  2. Show potential clients how you’ll market your home. Use past high-resolution photos, well-written listings, brochures and postcard samples that have gotten you results to illustrate what you’ll do for them.
  3. Bring aerial snapshots of the property to your listing appointment. You’re showing potential clients how much initiative you have, even though it only takes a few moments on Google Earth, and you can use them as an icebreaker to talk about the rest of your marketing plan.
  4. Let the clients talk while you listen. The best way to ensure that potential clients like you is to let them talk themselves into it. Show that you’re a good listener and keep quiet (try for 70 percent listening, 30 percent talking) so that you can really understand where they’re coming from.
  5. Be enthusiastic about the clients’ home. It’s a good idea to pick out positive points and ask questions throughout your listing appointment; remember.
  6. Show what you do differently than other Realtors. Anyone can create an hour-long PowerPoint presentation and talk about themselves… but you’re going to show them why you’re not like all those other Realtors. Explain how you go above and beyond, and show them proof.
  7. Follow up quickly. When you follow up after a real estate listing presentation, you’re giving potential clients a glimpse of how responsive you’ll be as their Realtor. Most agents follow up within a day or two – any longer than that and you risk losing them to a more responsive Realtor.

Keeping Your Edge as a Benchmark Realty Realtor

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