While you don’t have to market yourself constantly, it doesn’t hurt to arm yourself with some handy statistics you can pull out whenever you need them.

5 Statistics You Can Share With Real Estate Clients - Realtor Tips

5 Statistics to Share With Prospective Clients 

1. Realtors® net 25 percent more, on average, than a FSBO.

The average FSBO home (across the country) sells for around $210,000; the average home sold with a Realtor’s help sells for about $249,000. Twenty-five percent is huge, no matter how economical the home is.

2. More than 90 percent of buyers look online first when they’re shopping for a home.

Because you know that more than 90 percent of buyers look online to start their home searches, you know that you need to be a tech-savvy agent who focuses on connecting with all the right people.

3. The majority of renters cite three reasons for wanting to buy: a lifestyle change (marriage and family top the list); improvement in financial circumstances; and a desire to settle down in one place.

These are stressful times for anyone, and that’s why people desperately need an experienced, talented and caring Realtor’s help.

4. The vast majority of buyers – 78 percent – say that neighborhood quality is one of the most important factors in their decision.

Many Realtors suggest that their clients drive through neighborhoods to explore what they’re like at different times of day (and find out how long commutes are).

5. At least 89 percent of sellers choose to work with a Realtor.

Those who choose to work with a Realtor typically sell their homes for an average of 98 percent of the listing price. However, 43 percent of them reported reducing the asking price at least once (which is a great reason they should listen to your expertise when you explain what their home will be worth on the market!).



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