Almost half a Realtor’s® clients come from referrals, according to the latest statistics, and it makes sense. People are more likely to work with a person or business they’re familiar with—even if that familiarity comes through a friend-of-a-friend.

Studies show that as many as 84 percent of people feel that word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family are the most reliable and trustworthy.

If you’re like most good Realtors, you’ve built up a strong network of contacts. But are you doing enough to maintain them and leverage their influence to bring in new business?


3 Tips for Generating More Referrals From Past Clients 

1. Keep up with your former clients online. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide great ways to keep in touch with your former clients. You don’t have to interact much—but you do want to say “hello” now and then to make sure you stay relevant.

2. Send birthday cards to them—and their kids. Naturally, you’re sending out “Happy Holidays” cards and those on other special days of the year (aren’t you?), so adding a birthday card is an exceptionally nice touch… and it’s less likely to be lost in the shuffle of holiday greetings. Some agents even send cards to buyers on the anniversary of their home purchases.

There are a number of greeting card companies who will personalize and mail the cards for you, as well, including:

3. Create deals they’ll love. Chances are you know a home improvement contractor (or two), a flooring pro, a decorative painter… and if you partner with those experts to create unforgettable savings exclusively for your clients, you have two things: one, a reason to get in touch with your past clients, and two, something that’s exceptionally memorable—and that your clients can use.



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