Let’s talk about you. It’s safe to say that you love your job (it’s one of the hallmarks of being a Benchmark agent) and that you genuinely care about helping your clients. You’re passionate about real estate.

But aside from passion, there are a few things that make good Realtors® great Realtors.

3 Habits of Super-Successful Realtors 

Sure, there are plenty of great habits you can adopt that help you make more money, take better care of your clients and stay organized—but the most successful Realtors pick up three habits and make them part of their business strategies.

3 Habits of Super-Successful Realtors - Benchmark Realty TN

Successful Realtor Habit #1: Lightning Speed

You don’t have to get everything done quickly, but as a super-successful Realtor, you do need to respond to your clients as immediately as possible. You don’t let your leads go, and you stay in constant contact with your clients to make sure they know you’re always there for them.

Successful Realtor Habit #2: Tech Savoir-Faire

Ultra-successful Realtors are connected with their clients… and not just in a figurative sense. Millennials are the biggest segment of homebuyers, and they’re tethered to their iPads, smartphones and laptops. They’re also big fans of the paperless revolution, so DocuSign and other mediums are extremely popular (and efficient) with Gen-Y—and they make you better-equipped to help your clients.

Successful Realtor Habit #3: Being Hyper-Local 

The most successful Realtors know their neighborhoods inside and out. We’re not just talking about what’s on the market; we’re talking about great restaurants, neighborhood quirks and proximity to the freeway. They’re true neighborhood experts, and they can tell you everything you need to know about subdivisions, trendy areas and more.



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