If you’re a Realtor® using Google Chrome, there’s great news: they have three apps designed to help you keep your real estate business moving. The best part? You can get started with a few clicks.Chrome apps for realtors- Benchmark Realty

3 Chrome Apps that are Perfect for Realtors

As Realtors, we spend plenty of time online. Whether we’re emailing clients, following up on leads or marketing our listings, we’re dialed-in all day.

Google Chrome’s three best extensions for Realtors can smooth out your workflow, help you do your best, and even push you to market a little bit better.

Essential App #1: Grammarly

No matter what you’re doing online, from email to surfing Facebook, Grammarly’s Chrome app extension can fix your spelling and dish up the right grammar so you can write with confidence.

It comes with:

  • A contextual spell checker (that helps out with words such as loose/lose, affect/effect, lie/lay and dozens of others)
  • A grammar checker that applies all the rules we learned in school (and have since forgotten)

Essential App #2: Todo.ly

Manage all your tasks, remind yourself to send out emails and propel yourself toward your goals with Todo.ly, a free Chrome extension that even lets you share your projects with others.

It lets you:

  • Organize your tasks into projects and sub-projects
  • Drag-and-drop tasks between projects
  • Assign due dates to each task so you have a heads-up before something needs to be done
  • Sort your tasks in order of importance

Essential App #3: Chime

If you’re easily distracted, Chime is for you. It aggregates all of your social media and email notifications and keeps them in a handy list you can access any time. It’ll help you stay focused because you won’t be on the receiving end of constant interruptions.

Notable Mentions for Realtors

Strict Workflow is a great app if you’re into the Pomodoro Method. You work like mad for 25 minutes, and during that time, the sites you specify (those that distract you most) are blocked.

Related Content is good if you get stuck trying to think up new blog topics; it helps you find information when you need it and connects with WordPress to make things even easier.

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