Out with the old and in with the new… that’s how marketing works for Realtors®, right?

Not necessarily.

If you’re doing something that works, there’s no reason to drop it or even modify it.

“A truly effective marketing campaign involves a number of different marketing channels and tactics,” says Anum Hussain, a growth marketer for Hubspot. “Making use of a variety of marketing assets is what makes a campaign a campaign, so it's important that your efforts are integrated and coordinated.”

So what should you do for 2017 if you’re keeping what worked during 2016?

Revamping Your Marketing Plan for 2017 - Benchmark Realty TN

3 Hot Marketing Materials for Realtors in 2017 

We discuss cutting-edge websites (like ours) quite a bit, and for good reason: they work. Buyers and sellers respond to highly visual marketing — and that’s increasing at an incredible rate.

The statistics say:

· Color can improve brand recognition by up to 80%

· 65% more people remember information if it’s paired with a visual

· 90% of all human communication is nonverbal

With those statistics in mind, here are the three hottest marketing materials for Realtors in 2017.

Print Brochures 

Printed brochures do the job before your website does. Ideally, your brochures will lead people directly to your website, and if you find the right design, you can convey information and begin developing a relationship with potential clients before they’ve even called you.

Where to get them:

· Staples. 25 same-day brochures and standard print/delivery brochures start at $24.99.

· PrintRunner. Score 2,500 brochures (ideal for information on your services, not specific listings) for $79.60 with free shipping.

New, Improved Business Cards 

Don’t overlook the visual power of a well-designed business card. From networking events to one-on-one client meetings, you need to have your cards in your pocket every time you leave the house.

What’s hot for 2017: Simple but informative. Ideally, you’ll be able to describe your services with visuals (like this photographer did, or like LEGO does).

Where to get them:

· Vistaprint. You can design your own cards and get 500 for $9.99, but Vistaprint offers plenty of upgrades that can boost visual appeal (and the final cost, too).

· Moo. These cards are a bit more expensive than those you’ll find at Vistaprint, but they’re also a bit more unique. Fifty of the most basic cards start at $19.99.

Video, Virtual, and 3D 

Using immersive 3D, drone video, and virtual reality apps aren’t ideas for the far-off future; they’re marketing strategies that you can start implementing now.

Where to get them:

· Matterport. Matterport offers immersive virtual tours that give your clients the “real feel” of being in a home. If you’re into setting up the tours yourself, you’ll have to invest in a camera — and they’re expensive. You can hire someone who does this type of photography in Nashville, instead (which may be much more cost-effective).

· Above the Rest Photography. This Nashville-based company takes both aerial photos and videos.

· Music City Aerial. Also based in Nashville, this company does aerial and land photo and video.

· Aerial Innovations. Like the previous two companies, this one is based in Nashville and takes aerial and land photo and video.


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