If you’re like most Realtors®, you’re always looking for the best client relationship management software solutions—but programs evolve quickly, and what worked last year may not work for you this year.

So what is the best CRM software for Realtors to use in 2016?

Top CRM Software for Realtors 

Every Realtor has different needs when it comes to CRM. Typically, your business’s size determines what type of CRM software you’ll need. However, many realtors get the most use out of these three CRM programs.

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Insightly for Realtors 

Insightly has an easy to use website and comes with apps you can use on are smart phone. It features the mail tracking and e-mail templates, so you can use pre-made emails or create your own for client follow-up.

This program helps you keep track of:

  • Projects
  • Emails
  • Notes
  • Leads
  • Milestones

Real estate teams can also benefit from Insightly, because one administrator can create a team and track member activity via the website or smartphone apps.

Zoho for Realtors 

Zoho has been compared to Salesforce because it has similar capabilities. However, the price is significantly lower—but that means you’ll sacrifice some of the in-depth reporting and detailed lead management.

Zoho features:

  • Workflow automation
  • Website lead capture
  • Your own document library
  • Custom reports

Apptivo CRM for Realtors 

Apptivo is one of the most cost-effective CRM software programs for Realtors. It comes with a wide range of apps you can use on tablets, smart phones and even your PC. It features:

  • IMAP email functionality
  • Message templates
  • Custom reports
  • 3GB of storage per user on the most basic plan

What You Need to Know About CRM Software 

While it’s always a good idea to keep track of your client relationships, nothing can replace the human element in real estate. Even the most basic program, provided that it gives you the functionality you need, is second to the way you interact with your clients; in fact, many realtors are able to successfully build their businesses while fostering good relationships with clients without using CRM software at all.



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