WalletHub compared the 168 Nashville real estate agents who have at least one active listing and at least one sale in the last 12 months. Each agent was evaluated in four categories: active listings, recent sales, Zillow rating and WalletHub rating. Twenty-two Benchmark Agents made the list!

Allen Clark Perry
Ranking: 10

Brianna E. Morant
Ranking: 13

Martin Samuel Lovelace
Ranking: 19

Andra Brewer
Ranking: 35

Scott F. Hardesty
Ranking: 56

Bojan Zivak
Ranking: 68

Jonathan Cole Melcher
Ranking: 71

Larry M. Morgan
Ranking: 85

Cameron Ray Hunt
Ranking: 85

Lisa B. Peebles
Ranking: 89

William Thomas Anderson
Ranking: 90

Andrea S. Ladd
Ranking: 93

Amanda Paige McDowell
Ranking: 93

Gregory Crockett
Ranking: 104

Monica S. Horseman
Ranking: 115

John Andrew Carlton
Ranking: 115

Andrew L. Buckwalter
Ranking: 120

Kristie Leigh Young
Ranking: 128

Matthew Alan Hansen
Ranking: 134

John Richie Cordaro
Ranking: 139

Luann Marie Reid
Ranking: 153

Keith Michael Pillatsch
Ranking: 156

Originally posted at WalletHub.com.

To identify the best real estate agents in Nashville, TN, WalletHub compared 168 real estate agents operating in Nashville across four key metrics: 1) Active Listings; 2) Sales in the Last 12 Months; 3) Zillow Rating; and 4) WalletHub rating. WalletHub only considered listings in the city of Nashville.

WalletHub graded each category on a 100-point scale, with 100 representing the best real estate agent. Finally, they used these individual category scores to calculate an overall weighted average. These overall scores were used to construct the final rankings.

The categories and weighting used for the scores are as follows:

Sales in the Last 12 Months – 30% weight
Active Listings – 20% weight
Zillow Rating – 25% weight
WalletHub Rating – 25% weight